THE MP2020 FILM-MUSIC & PHOTO STUDIO is the superior place for film crews, photographers, advertising agencies, right up to professional show productions and music clips.

Your schedule is a TV show with or without audience, a commercial or corporate video, a practice over few days or an elaborate photo shooting?


Welcome at MP2020! The customised place for your success. 


Our available surface is up to 420m2 with a ceiling height of 5 meters.

The stock contains Arri-Lighting, green/blue screens, displays, trussing, stage systems, finest d&b-Audio-Sound and much more.

Join us with your purpose - we offer a great performance. The space, the structure and the finest technology - we have the skills for your experience.

Our local facilities and utilities:


* 3 sides (16,5 + 23,5 + 16,5 m) and floor with green screen, in black, in white...

* Best room acoustics for music clips (live DVDs), recordings, practice work.

* Soundproofed, without noise disturbance.

* 7 days a week, 24 hours - available for unlimited periods of time and productions extending over a period of several days or weeks.

* 5 x 32A CEE high voltage power connection (extra optional).

* Gateway 2,8 x 2,8 m, barrier free at ground level

   (for scenery, cars/machinery, concert grand etc.)

* All rooms are heated, completely lagged, with water supply and outlet.

* Auditorium with seats or stances and platforms are possible - with or without live audience.

* 50 charge free parking spaces on location + 80 additional charge free parking spaces nearby.

* Truck docking station, charge free parking spaces for trucks and buses.

* Free utility spaces right on the doorstep.

* Own workshop for wood and metal components.

* Fully-equipped kitchen (catering optional), coffee, beverages, W-LAN.

* seperate bathrooms for ladies and gents, flexible wardrobe/backstage area from 2 x 2 m up to 8 x 6 m.

* Hotels, restaurants/delivery service nearby.

* Travel time by car: Vienna – Hollabrunn 35 min.

* Travel time by train: Vienna - Hollabrunn 40 min. 

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You can draw on unlimited resources – our next door engineering store (600m2) makes it possible.


* 108 x ARRI 650W to 2000W Fresnel spotlights, films, clamps.

* 100 x Robe, Clay Paky, SGM, ETC moving heads and lighting effects.

* Hazer, fog machines, fans, blacklight cannons, blinders, follow spots.
* 50 x mirror balls from 30 to 50cm + 1 x 100cm.
* MA Lighting DMX control desk, dimmer, Harting wiring.

* Dull black lighting rigg (ceiling) with 4 point trusses and 48,3mm crossing tubes. 

* Designed for a great roof load.



* 200 x d&b speakers.
* 10 x Yamaha QL, CL digital mixer.

* 50 x Sennheiser/DPA wireless systems.

* 40 x Sennheiser In Ear wireless headphones.

* 100 x backline, musical instruments for rental.

* 16 x Pioneer DJ player/mixer.

* 100 x music desks & stand lights.



* 500 running meters ATC 4 point trussing, base plates, corners, pipes.

* 14 x chain blocks.

* 100 x stage platforms, podestials, catwalk.

* 2.000 x cables from XLR up to high voltage.

* Autonomous Genie for best camera angles and assembling.



* Video beamer, screens up to 5,4x3,1m.

* 4 x 65" HD-displays, stands.



* Timeless and elegant studio furnishings.

* Arm chair, double couch, tables, barstools, etc.



* Film crew.

* Photo crew.

* Lighting designer/programmer.

* Recording engineer/sound editor.

* Laser and special effects.

* LED walls, elements.

* Motorized turntable, diameter 3m.
* Set dresser/set decorater.
* Catering.

MP2020 – we create the infrastructure for a successfully and untroubled project implementation, with the best possible conditions.





Tel: +43 676 35 36 878

Christophorusstr. 6, A2020 Hollabrunn (35min. from Vienna)


Music Video in an atomic plant

... 35 meters deep in the reactor unit - Light design / Technic by Musik Paradies

Metal Band: Oomph! - 2 Music Videos 

Light / Sound / Backline / Music-Instruments

Making-of: Tausend Mann Und Ein Befehl

Making-of: Im Namen Des Vaters ...

DANA Türen

Light / Deko / Trussing

Korn und Wein für die Legion

Light / Sound / Greenscreen for all virtual Scenes and Graphics

50 Years of "HOFER - Lebensmittel" Trailer

Light / Greenscreen

The Vienna Philharmonics - Making-of

Light / Greenscreen / Audio

Music Videos for

Light / Sound / Visuals by Musik Paradies

OAD SIEBENSEE Analogy Videoshow

Light / Sound / Stage / Greenscreen / Deko / Backline / Trussing by Musik Paradies

PETER SAX - Showreel

Light / Sound / Stage / Beamer / Backline by Musik Paradies

Harris & Ford vs. Powerkryner

Light / Sound / Backline / DJ Equipment by Musik Paradies

Norbert Schneider Musik Video

Light / Greenscreen / Special Effects

Living Animals - for Switzerland Movies

Light / Greenscreen / Special Effects


Blackbox / Light / Audio

Music Video PETER SAX

Light / Sound / Stage / Backline / Trussing by Musik Paradies

Equipment - News:

500m black A.T.C Truss

32 x ROBE Spikie/LEDBeam 150

12 x SGM P5 LED Flood

108 x ARRI Fresnel

8 x ETC Profiler LED Series II

56 x Astera AX5 Accu LED PAR

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